Inspecta Systems ®

Integrated Management Inspection Data Platform.

latest Innovation in an inspection data platform.
How It Works

Broker/Agent Management Updates

Continuous update on all inspection in the field

Insured/Client Notification

Notification of all property inspections

Mobile Tablet Technology field inspection

Real Time Assessments in field inspections

Security Data Secure SDS

Insured secure on your clientele information

What We Offer

Enhanced Managed Risk Models

Computer Managed Models for Risk Enhanced data results

3-Tier Inspection Review

Field - ISI - QCS Reviews. Smart Intelligent

Telephone Clients Data Collection

Customer Phone Data Interviews

E-Self Inspecta Collection

Software e-self Insured Inspection

Customized your informed risks.

QAIT Advanced M3/Technology.

Advanced Sketch diagram with enhanced photographic

Inspecta Systems ®by QAIT

Contact us today for a test drive. Customize your Agencies to track all inspections in the field with all of your staff agents. Custom GPS IS design by field Insurance inspectors so to capture the data you need to know to make easy risk assessment workflow correct and make informed decisions every property, every time. Let us introduce you to Inspecta Systems.®

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