Advanced Technologies of
Property Inspection Data

Through innovation, technology and training that we are the most advanced competent provider of outstanding services.

We achieve this through our commitment to quality and excellence integrity superior customer service, and seamless execution of our services; we design and creates solutions that give our clients the latest competitive advantage in the industry.

QA Information Technologies, LLC. (QAIT) Real Time Property Inspection. We Capture the market trends and property data our Inspecta Systems. ® QAIT is a high-end technology management platform and data consulting firm that provides services to your insured customers in the areas of property inspection. We have a high-end technology that provides excellence in customer services to all our clients.

Residential Services

High Value – Mid Value – Property Damage -Standard Observations and more.

From Improvement of our neighborhoods to every single property risk assessment, our focus is to lower risk for insured and maximize our clientele bottom lines with advanced technology.

Our R&D In technologies and workflow Inspecta Systems to our advanced data Analysis teams we are deliver excellent in data collection and empowering your risk decisions for better results.

Our data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusion and supporting decision-making for our clientele.

Cloud Engineering and IT Software Infrastructure

An innovative cloud migration approach that combines extensive Customer cloud migration data expertise and strong partnerships with Cloud and IT clientele.

Inspecta System Engineering and Home Maintenance Planning

Proven processes and technologies valued by Insurance experts within the Housing industries. Driving capabilities into production faster, Data Collection and technologies.

Inspecta System: Customization Tracking Inspection Software

Inspecta System will update your inspection to agent of your insured in real time to when entering property of insured to achieve your goals to confirm the property data. Customer satisfaction and retention factors.

Inspecta System: Maintenance with Hazard / Safety Compliance

Inspecta System will update underwriters in real time to achieve your goals to confirm the property data and with complete knowledge of their property maintenance, hazard and safety issues in your final inspection report.