What we do
QA Information Technologies, LLC. (QAIT) Real Time Property Inspection. Capture the market trends and property data in inspecta systems. ® QAIT is a high-end technology management platform and data consulting firm that provides services to your insured customers in the areas of property inspection. Inspection Network Operations, Data Analytics, Material Visualization Software, In addition, Inspecta System Drone Photography with Data Analysis with Updated Property Maintenance Management Planning. We are proud of our reputation for performance, commitment, and integrity a trusted advisors for our nation’s largest insurance and other industries companies. High-end technology that provides excellence in customer services to our client: Residential, Commercial, Banking, Corporate Compliance, Government, Real Estate, Software Development, Construction Industries.
Why people choose us
To be the leader in innovation and software inspection technologies to deliver for the advancement and profitability of our clients enterprises.

We want satisfy our customers’ by capturing all insurance risks with new advanced inspection technologies and provide accuracy data collection with certified customer service.
We create solutions
Through innovation, technology and training that we are the most advanced competent provider of outstanding services.

We achieve this through our commitment to quality and excellence integrity superior customer service, and seamless execution of our services, we design and creates solutions that give our clients the ratest competitive advantage in the industry.
Core values
Core Values are the principles that guide how we operate which are our foundations and influence how we conduct within our company and with all of our clientele.

Professional Decisions about everything we do, as in products, customer care goals, resources and everything we bring excellence in business and result driven.
Our leadership
To assemble the courage to lead from our example in excellence in positive to all of our team.
Our commitment
To be determined and committed to succeed daily and acknowledgement that our accomplishment matter.